A Good Kid With A Gun Accidentally Fatally Shoots His 14-Year-Old Friend


A North Carolina mother of a 15-year-old (not pictured) who shot his 14-year-old friend on Sunday morning said the shooting was an accident.

Problem solved!

Guilford Sheriff’s investigators agree that it was an accidental shooting, when he picked up his grandparents’ rifle and it slipped from his hand, which is totally not really an accident if gun safety isn’t a thing.

“He told me it slipped out of his hand,” said the woman, who is not being identified because her son is a juvenile and has not been charged.

Right. It is an accident when an inanimate object such as a gun, slips through your stupid fat fingers, and results in blowing a hole into your friend.

News & Record reports:

The 14-year-old was shot once in the upper chest and was in stable condition, but undergoing surgery at Moses Cone Hospital, said Sgt. T.P. Popek said.
The two boys were at a mobile home at 5816 Thacker Dairy Road when the 14-year-old was shot in the upper chest by his friend, Sgt. T.P. Popek said.

Popek did not immediately know what type of gun was involved or who owned the weapon.

The 15-year-old’s mother said she was called to the home after the shooting.

“I prayed all the way here,” she said. Or she could have just made the weapon inaccessible to her child.

The wounded teenager was taken to a local hostpital where he is undergoing surgery.

Popek said the victim is listed in stable condition, which is a really good thing because he could be dead.

We’ve done this before, but whatever.

This is a gun safe:

This is a big ass gun safe.


Alternatively, or in addition to a safe, you can get a trigger lock, sometimes free of charge from the local police department.

Using those simple steps, you can end up with a teenager who is not all shot up by his friend.

I'm totally not shot.
I’m totally not shot.


The boy has died, according to WXII. According to the authorities, the boys were playing with a shotgun.

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