A Real Life American Nazi Just Won A GOP Primary With 100 Percent Of The Vote


I wish that was a clickbait headline. Sadly, it is not.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 will now be known in the state of Illinois as the day that 20,000 Republican voters decided that voting for a Nazi was preferable to simply not voting for anyone in the district he ran in, Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District.

In the interest of full disclosure, the actual Republican Party in the state didn’t like Arthur Jones, a five-time candidate for the seat he finally got the opportunity to claim, come November. But neither did they stop him from running unopposed in the primary, something they could have easily remedied by recruiting, say, a homeless guy or a literal random kid they found outside the mall. Or — seriously, now — anyone who wasn’t a Nazi.

That just wasn’t in the cards this year for the Illinois GOP, who may now be trying to distance themselves from Jones — who is simultaneously trying to distance himself from his Nazi “past,” despite his campaign website still being full of Holocaust denials and Nazi imagery — but they will now forever be saddled with having given tens of thousands of their constituents the opportunity to vote for him.

But here’s the really disturbing part of Jones’ candidacy: It really doesn’t look all that different from the Trump platform. Maybe that little fact can shed some light on why the Party allowed him to run unopposed. Jones, in fact, holds identical views to Trump on immigration, sanctuary cities, trade policies, Obamacare, and even making English the “official language” of the United States.

Of course, to get to the page on his campaign website where he discusses the issues, you pretty much have to breeze past the page titled “Holocaust?” right next to it, on which he describes his life-long goal of educating people about the “myth” of Nazi Germany and the evils of Kosher food.

In all, I’d say whether or not the GOP likes Arthur Jones, they have made their tent just a little too big by refusing to get out in front of white supremacy, like the right side of history requires.

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