Accused Child Molester Roy Moore Is Broke And Begging For Money After Historic Senate Race Loss


The world noticed just what the Republican Party was all about when they nominated Roy Moore (R-AL) to be in the United States Senate. Moore was a judge who was twice removed from the Alabama Supreme Court for refusing to follow the law, and he had made horrifically incendiary comments about LGBTQ people, said Muslims should not be allowed in Congress, and basically was just an all-around disgrace to the office he held. Then, it was revealed that Moore had an even deeper secret: He had allegedly trolled teenage girls for dates when he was an Assistant District Attorney in Gadsden, Alabama. He was supposedly even banned from the local shopping mall for that behavior.

Despite all of this, the GOP voters in Alabama voted to have Moore win their primary, and the Republican National Committee got behind him. In a stunning upset in one of the reddest states in the union, Moore lost the race to Democrat Doug Jones. Now, it seems that Moore is broke and humiliated, with his political career in tatters. But, that isn’t stopped him from using social media to beg his supporters for financial help. That effort, like all of his others, though, is rapidly backfiring. Moore’s Facebook page is being mercilessly trolled, and it couldn’t happen to a better guy. First, here is the post where he shamelessly blames gay people, George Soros, and everyone but himself for his bad choices:

And here are just a few screenshots of the hilarious responses:

I could go on, but you get the picture. People see this hate-filled, bigoted sexual predator for what he is. He is getting his comeuppance, finally. The justice would be much sweeter if he had actually had to pay for his crimes, but karma really is a bitch when she catches up with people, and she seems to be catching up with Roy Moore in spectacular fashion. Hopefully nobody sends him one red cent, and he drowns in debt for the rest of his sorry life. It’s not the lifetime under a jailhouse for being a child molester like he deserves, but at least it’s something.

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Featured image via video screen capture