After Deleting Idiotic Tweet, Paul Ryan Finds Out The Internet Is Forever, His Shame Will Never Die


In a bit of morning hilarity from the Twitterverse, Speaker of the House Paul decided to try and brag a little about the much-touted “tax reform” bill that Republicans are still trying to sell a skeptical country on, after it’s become apparent that the vast majority of tax savings from the bill have gone to giant corporations.

Average citizens, meanwhile, are expected to be thankful for a paltry one-time bonus of maybe a thousand dollars — a classic trick by shitty bosses everywhere to get employees whose wages you don’t want to raise to stop complaining.

So what did Rep. Ryan think of Americans’ response to the bill?

Ryan has deleted the tweet since, of course, because that’s ridiculous. Did he really think that someone was happy about getting a f*cking dollar and a half a WEEK? Another tweeter, Derek Kreiner, did us all the favor of working out just exactly that meant for her paycheck on an hourly basis:

Yeah — the second half of that tweet is pretty depressing, and the exact reason that Paul Ryan should have maybe figured out that the “excitement” of Americans to be getting some measly figure that doesn’t even buy them groceries was less than genuine.

But the internet is an unforgiving landscape of vicious taunts for the deserving, and Paul Ryan pretty much deserves it every single day.

And my personal favorite, of course:

But the absolute BEST idea anyone had all day after Paul Ryan’s idiotic self-immolation was to take that $1.50 and give it to somebody who can do something good with it:

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr