Alabama Republican: We Can Stop School Shootings With The Ten Commandments


Longtime Alabama state senator Gerald Dial, a Republican from Lineville, wants to hold a state referendum that would allow displays of the Ten Commandments in public schools to protect kids from mass shootings.

The 80-year old Dial is currently running for agriculture commissioner. His measure, which passed 23-3 in the state senate yesterday, is a transparent attempt to motivate Republicans’ culture war base in a midterm election that seems to be trending very blue. It is also

“I believe that if you had the Ten Commandments posted in a prominent place in school, it has the possibility to prohibit some student from taking action to kill other students,” Dial said.

Indeed, giant bulletproof Ten Commandments displays could prove very handy in a semiautomatic schoolhouse slaughter.

“If this bill stops one school shooting in Alabama, just one, then it’s worth the time and effort we’re putting into it,” Dial said according to Chip Brownlee at Alabama Political Reporter.

But Dial is not proposing to protect Alabama children from gunfire. He is trying to get Roy Moore voters to the polls so that the Republican majority in the state senate is not threatened.

Sen. Dial deserves credit for honesty, however. He made no secret of his Christian Reconstructionist motivations.

Dial moved to table an amendment to the legislation from Sen. Linda Coleman-Madison, D-Birmingham, that would have allowed other religious symbols from other faiths to be displayed on public property too.


The amendment would prohibit state funds from being used to defend the measure in court.

This is one of the most infuriating aspects of the culture wars: dollars that would be much better spent on, say, school supplies are instead consumed in futile and entirely symbolic legal proceedings. A law that targets abortion clinics with ridiculous regulatory requirements will make the evangelicals mighty happy.

This scam only works if the character of the crusade is explicitly “Judeo-Christian.” Dial’s legislation won’t pass the laugh test in most federal courts. Instead, the legal team that files the inevitable lawsuit ends up billing the taxpayer for their services when they win.

Hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars are wasted, but in the meantime, the forced birth lobby will praise Gerald Dial, and turn out to volunteer for him, and donate to his campaign. See how that works?

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