Alec Baldwin Just Issued A HUMILIATING Challenge To Donald Trump Jr


Donald Trump Jr. loves to lecture the rest of us every time we criticize his father, the most “stable genius” ever to sit in the Oval Office and perhaps the only President* who has ever failed to learn the words to the National Anthem, but is he willing to prove he actually knows what he’s talking about.

On Tuesday, Alec Baldwin issued a challenge to greased weasel in a suit Trump Jr.

“That lying, thieving, silver (plated) spooner [Donald Trump Jr.] wants to lecture u on patriotism,” Baldwin tweeted. “I want 2 challenge u, Fredo Trump, 2 a contest. A televised quiz on the history of the US Constitution.”

“C’mon! You’re so smart. You’re so tough. You’re such a great American,” he taunted. “Bring it.”

Let’s face it: no matter what is going on, it would be incredibly entertaining to watch Alec Baldwin completely humiliate Trump’s second-dumbest child (after Eric) on national television.

“I want this on my TV as fast as possible. It’s all I want to watch,” actress Elizabeth Banks replied to Baldwin’s challenge, echoing the desires of many millions of Americans.

While it is unlikely that Trump Jr. will accept this or any challenge, the thought of him trying to coherently explain his opinion on any serious topic at all is entertaining enough — but if it does happen, Mr. Baldwin should absolutely do it in character. You know which character we’re talking about.

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Image via screen capture.