‘Alternative Facts’ Conway Swears She’s Never Used The Term ‘Fake News’ (WRONG!)


As her boss took to Twitter and threatened NBC for a report about the dust-up between Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, senior White House counselor Kellyanne Conway was appearing at Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women summit and issuing yet another lie from an administration that seems to prefer untruth to veracity.

Speaking at the Fortune summit, Conway commented:

“I’m a person in the West Wing who’s never actually uttered the words ‘fake news,’ ‘enemy of the people,’ ‘opposition party.’ I don’t speak that way.”

Conway then pretended that while the president had suggested NBC have their broadcasting license revoked, she believes in a free press:

“I think we need a full and free press in our nation, of course.

“But with that freedom comes responsibility. So my grievance is never about fake news. I talk about incomplete coverage.”

Incomplete coverage? Here’s a translation of that: Any news outlet that refuses to roll over and play obedient puppy like Fox News whenever Trump says anything. Should a reporter dare to fact check or disagree with something the administration says, suddenly they aren’t playing fair. But since when is any reporter or news agency required to be beholden to the government?

Not wanting to miss her opportunity to whine, Conway also tried to say that Trump has been more harshly criticized than other heads of state:

“What I’m concerned about is that this president — and I hear this from people who did not vote for him and from people who don’t always cover him fully and fairly either — so there is a concern they’ve literally never seen a president covered this way.”

Covered what way, Kellyanne? With tenacity and in search of the truth, which is nearly non-existent when it comes to this particular president? Maybe if he wasn’t always busy being a liar and bully, the coverage would change.

Oh, and that assertion by Ms. Conway that she has never used the term “fake news” is also complete BS. Take a look at these tweets:

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Featured Image Via Gage Skidmore for Flickr under a Creative Commons license