An 11-Year-Old Bridesmaid Gave Her Aunt The Sweetest Wedding Gift EVER


Weddings make for very emotional affairs. The center of attention at any wedding is the bride and groom. But, ask any bride and she will tell you that she is incomplete without her own train of bridesmaids following her on her big day. Bridesmaids have an important role to play in weddings. But this 11 year old bridesmaid went a step further to make her aunt’s wedding an extra-special affair.

Sophie’s aunt Rebecca Mann married Matthew Higgins at Miskin Manor in Pontyclun on Saturday, April 8. The newly-wed couple plan to visit Sienna, Perugia, San Gimignano and the west coast at Viareggio for their honeymoon.

Sophie rewrote the lyrics to the Little Mix song ‘Shout Out to my Ex’ to ‘Shout Out to my Bex’ and recorded a video in all the locations that mean something to their family. Sophie thoroughly enjoyed herself recording the song at Music Wales in Pyle.

The song is a celebration of the deep bond that Sophie shares with her aunty Becky. The young girl wanted to contribute to her wedding by speaking a few special words about her. After seeing Little Mix in October, she found the perfect surprise for her aunt and decided to sing ‘Shout Out to my Bex’. In fact, the song seems to have been written especially for Becky. ‘’You’re really quite the Mann’’ fits perfectly as Mann was Bex’s maiden name.

The words in her song reflect jumbled up, contradictory emotions that every family feels on the wedding of their loved ones. She asks her aunty to keep in touch and use her phone a little more often. However, she also feels happy because her aunt has found the perfect man who loves her. The little girl says that she knows that her aunt will “always be around.”

The song is set in the backdrop of places that hold special memories for them. This includes the family home, the family farm, her hen party location – Cardiff Bay – and Pontypridd, Bex’s home town. The video has shots of Pontypridd from Eagle’s Rock, Graigwen, the Old Bridge in the town and from the Rocking Stone and Cenotaph on the Common, looking out over Sardis Road, the home of Ponty Rugby, the River Taff and Ynysangharad Park.

Now, that is one thoughtful, special and sweet gift coming straight from the heart.

Featured image via Pixabay.