Another Trump Betrayal: Iraqi Christians Must Rely On Judge To Stop Deportation


Where is Trump’s support for Christians now?

In January, Donald Trump tweeted about a campaign promise he made to Christians — a group he relied heavily on for his unlikely election. At rally after rally, the Fair Haired Huckster pandered to his evangelical base, promising to protect the interests of Christians around the world. He especially took time to mention Iraqi Christians and the faithful in the Middle East, who are often persecuted and even tortured for their non-Muslim faith in some highly religious areas:

But he has long since forgotten it, like almost every other issue Trump campaigned on. Worse yet, his Justice Department, under the leadership of white supremacist Jeff Sessions, has made things even more difficult for Middle Eastern Christians, even here in America. A Detroit judge temporarily halted the deportation of over a hundred Iraqi Christians on Thursday. Those Iraqis could find themselves on the wrong end of Trump’s January tweet if they are sent home. The Justice Department insists that they must go to immigration court, a much lengthier process, in order to stay here.

Iraq has, of course, agreed to accept the refugees back.

One way or the other, a return would upend their lives.

The country was largely non-religious prior to George W. Bush’s war in Iraq. Despite being ruled by the dictator Saddam Hussein, the sectarian violence in Iraq was nominal until secular leaders were displaced by the war.

The ACLU has taken up the Iraqis’ case. The group includes many Christian converts. One would think that Trump, clearly a convert himself, might identify. Unfortunately, they’re also brown, making it impossible for Trump to even see them, let alone sympathize.

Featured image via DoD Archive

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