Anti-Hillary Clinton ‘Documentary’ Wins Worst Movie Of The Year In 2017 Razzies (VIDEO)

Hillary's America wins four

A surrealist “documentary” called Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, walked away with no less than four “Razzies” in this year’s celebration of the worst films of the year.

It’s that time of year again — the Academy Awards — when Hollywood glams up for the red carpet and hands out the Oscars. But along with the best of the best movies, come the worst of the worst — the “Golden Raspberry Awards,” or “Razzies.”

Established in 1981 and referring to that universal sound of scorn — to “blow a raspberry” — the Razzies honor all that is truly horrible in film entertainment with categories such as “Most Flatulent Teen-Targeted Movie” and “Worst Eye-Gouging Misuse of 3D.”

According to Hollywood Reporter, Hillary’s America and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice tied with four Razzies each.

The anti-Hillary Clinton film not only won worst picture, it also scored worst director, worst actor, and worst actress — a daunting achievement. Director Dinesh D’Souza won both worst director and actor; he played himself in the film. Rebekah Turner won worst actress, portraying former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Most Razzie “winners” don’t bother to show up to give a speech and collect their trophies, and D’Souza sent in a good-natured sour grapes video, according to The Guardian.

“The reason you’re giving it to me is because you’re very upset that [Donald] Trump won.”

D’Souza is familiar with unfavorable attention from the public eye, blaming his 2014 conviction for contributing illegally to a Republican New York candidate and subsequent eight-month incarceration and $30,000 fine on “the thin-skinned narcissist in the White House” as some sort of revenge for his earlier film, “Obama’s America.”

A statement from the Razzies reported by CNN stated:

“It all came down to two decidedly different examples of cinematic sludge: The $250 million comic book oop-us ‘Batman v Superman’ and the faux right wing ‘documentary’ ‘Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party.'”

Both Hillary’s America and Superman v. Batman were shredded by critics, but Dawn of Justin pulled in $330 million in the U.S. alone. D’Souza’s Democratic Party hatchet job only brought in $13 million.

You can see all the nominees, as well as all the winners for the 37th Razzies in the video below:

You can also watch the trailer for the “winning” worst film below, if so inclined.

Featured image via trailer screencap