Anti-Torture Protesters Arrested At Dick Cheney’s House


On the 14th anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo Bay for detainees, two protesters were arrested after 20 people walked onto Dick Cheney’s property to demonstrate against torture, Alan Colmes reports.

The protest on Saturday was brought right to Cheney’s property with some demonstrators wearing orange jumpsuits.

In his face. Like a waterboard.

Human rights activists protesting “torture policies” squeezed through the front gate of the former vice-president’s McLean, Virginia, home and demonstrated on his front porch.

Reuters reports:

The protesters from the anti-war group Code Pink walked up to the house before police arrived and asked them to leave, said Fairfax County police spokesman Roger Henriquez. Two members who refused to go were arrested on trespassing charges, he said.

Police identified the two as Tighe Barry, 57, and Eve Tetaz, 83, both of Washington DC. The pair face misdemeanor charges of trespassing and disorderly conduct, police said.

Another Code Pink group demonstrated without incident outside the home of CIA Director John Brennan, also in the Washington, D.C. suburb of McLean, as part of its “Guantanamo Anniversary Weekend Torturers Tour.”

A U.S. Senate report last month said the CIA misled the White House and public about its torture of detainees after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and acted more brutally and pervasively than it acknowledged.

According to NBC Washington, In front of Cheney’s gate the activists from the anti-war group CODEPINK and Witness Against Torture put a man in a Cheney mask behind fake prison bars and dressed him in a black-and-white striped jumpsuit.

The protesters carried signs that read “Torturer lives here” and chanted “Arrest Dick Cheney,” “Stop torture now” and “Close Guantanamo Bay”.

The total Dick has consistently defended torturing detainees in the aftermath of a war which Cheney profited from. (see: Halliburton).

The bombing on 9/11 prompted the Bush administration to invade a sovereign country which was totally not complicit in the bombing of the World Trade Center.

You see, the bad guys were in another country, but whatever. At least he liberated Iraq — to death.

Osama bin Laden was eventually found and killed under the present administration. And still, the Fox News’ foreign policy expert and former Vice President of war -mongering, is staunchly opposed to releasing detainees.

Cheney has even defended the rectal feeding of tortured detainees, because freedom.

Unfortunately, the man wearing the Dick Cheney mask was arrested and not the actual Dick himself:-(

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Image: AFP