As Trump Brags On Twitter About ‘Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!,’ the Jobs Report Comes In And It’s Really Bad


Donald Trump is busy once again tweeting about ‘jobs, jobs, jobs,’ amid his calls for billions in tariffs on imports. China has retaliated in the trolliest way possible, targeting farming areas that went big for Trump in the 2016 election. While the Dow Jones has been plummeting due to the tariff war he started, Trump claims that “lots of money” is coming to the U.S. and that means more jobs.

“Despite the Aluminum Tariffs, Aluminum prices are DOWN 4%,” Mr. Dummy Pants tweeted. “People are surprised, I’m not! Lots of money coming into U.S. coffers and Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!”

Welp, the jobs report just came in and it doesn’t look good. The U.S. economy added 103,000 jobs in March, well below expectations, as Trump calls for billions in tariffs on imports raises concerns about their effects on the nation’s steady expansion. Economists had predicted 185,000 jobs. The unemployment rate remains at 4.1 percent.

On Friday morning, Trump retweeted his post from April 4th in which he insisted “We are not in a trade war with China.”

Whatever Trump says, the opposite is true.

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