Austin Man Sexts 14-Year-Old Girl, Shows Up With Butcher Knife


A 14-year-old Mt. Pleasant, Michigan girl is very lucky to have avoided a potentially life-threatening situation recently.  The unnamed Michigan girl became friendly with a 27-year-old Austin, Texas man while playing the online game Minecraft two years ago, when she was 12.

The man, identified as Glen Stephan Timberlake, began to ‘sext’ the teen after about a year of texting and chatting online.

UpNorthLive reports:

“About the first year, nothing was sexual in the communications between them,”  Sheriff Mioduszewski said. “About January, February this year, things kind of changed and everything was sexually-related with her during the texting. He also sent some very sexually graphic videos to her that were very,very disturbing.”

Those very, very disturbing videos?  They allegedly contain sexually explicit videos, some including a dog, though few details are being released about that aspect.

Timberlake didn’t stop there.  In late December, he made the drive from Texas to Michigan to “get some answers” from the girl. Luckily, the teen had showed her mother a photo of Timberlake, and the mother recognized Timberlake outside of their home.  She immediately called police, and Timberlake was arrested. No other details have emerged relating to Timberlake’s comment about “getting some answers”.  Timberlake asked for a lawyer shortly after making the comment:

  “At that point he wanted to talk to a lawyer and he wouldn’t communicate anymore with the deputy,” said Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski.

More disturbing was the 13 inch butcher police knife found in Timberlake’s front pocket when he was arrested.

“I can’t imagine why you would bring a big knife like that if you’re going to drive all the way up (from) Texas to meet somebody,” Sheriff Mioduszewski said. “I’m not sure what his mindset was or what he planned on doing but fortunately nobody got hurt. He’s in jail now and won’t be able to hurt anybody for a long time.”

Timberlake now has quite the criminal resume; He was arrested for accosting a child, using a computer to accost a minor, using a computer to commit an aggravate exposure, carrying a concealed weapon, carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent, stalking a minor as well as aggravated incident exposure.

Timberlake is in the Isabella County Jail on a $700,000 bond.

No information was given on the health or well being of the dog involved in the video.

Watch courtesy of KXAN:

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Image: Isabella County Sheriff’s Office.