Berkeley Protesters Didn’t ‘Riot’: They Were Sabotaged By Alt-White Terrorists

The media reports Berkeley Protesters
Photo: Video screen grab via We Are Change.

The media reports Berkeley Protesters “clashed” with “Trump supporters” during Saturday’s Tax Day rally. That’s less than half the story.

And sure enough, Reuters reports:

A melee erupted on Saturday in a Berkeley, California park where supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump were holding competing rallies, resulting in at least 20 arrests as police struggled to keep the two camps apart.

MSNBC then chimed in with the following video.

This falsely equivalent narrative pits Berkeley protesters who quite reasonably want Donald Trump to release his tax returns against “Trump supporters” with fist fights breaking out “between the two sides.” And so far, only one villain has emerged: Nathan Damigo, a white supremacist and leader of an “Alt-Right” group at California State University (Stanislaus) who got caught on video punching a woman in the face.

As it turns out, this white, terrorist thug spent five years in jail for holding a gun to an Iraqi cab driver and robbing him of $43. But as vile Damigo is, he also serves as a convenient distraction.

The Modesto Bee adds the video was posted to YouTube by Luke Rodowski from the blog What they don’t mention is that he clearly set out to discredit the Berkeley protesters, and that white supremacist Trump supporters triumphantly shared that moment as a GIF all over Twitter.

It’s amazing how these “Trump supporters” found her Facebook page as the news outlets refer to her as an “unidentified woman.” It’s also telling that they contemptuously refer to the Berkeley protesters as anti-fascists or “Antifas” for short. In other words, they’re indirectly admitting that they’re pro-fascist.

Something smells fishy and someone pretending to be Mark Cuban — a Republican billionaire who nonetheless trolled Not-My-President Donald Trump during the election — was among the first to point it out.

And Nathan Damigo’s pre-protest tweet shows he was clearly spoiling for a fight.

Meanwhile, this Twitter user found it suspicious that the earliest mentions of the so-called “clashes” between Berkeley protesters and the so-called “Trump supporters” came from a white supremacist’s Twitter feed — before the fights happened.

Another notes all the Twitter bots pushing the same exact narrative.


Oh, and by the way, the media shouldn’t be calling these people “Trump supporters” when they’re actually neo-Nazis.

Several astute Twitizens also point out that framing protesters and spreading disinformation about them comes straight from the fascist playbook.

Russia employs the same tactics, only they call it “provokatsiya.”

WATCH: Blogger assists “Alt Right” neo-Nazis in framing Berkeley protesters.

NOTE: This post originally attributed a tweet to Mark Cuban rather than a fake Twitter account claiming to be Mark Cuban. We regret the error.

Featured image: Video screen grab via We Are Change.