Bernie Trolls Hillary: Releases Transcripts Of His Nonexistent Speeches To Goldman Sachs


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told a member of the audience at the MSNBC town hall that she will release the transcripts of the expensive speeches she gave to Wall Street firms, including Goldman Sachs but she declined.

Joe Sacco, a Bernie Sanders supporter in the audience, asked Clinton point blank, “Why are you hesitant to release transcripts or audio-video recordings of those meetings — in order to be transparent with the American people regarding the promises and assurances that you have made to the big banks?”

The former Secretary of State replied, “I’m happy to release anything I have when everybody else does the same, because every other candidate in this race has given speeches to private groups, including Senator Sanders.”

Well, Sanders took her up on her offer and released his transcripts.

“Sen. Sanders accepts Clinton’s challenge. He will release all of the transcripts of all of his Wall Street speeches. That’s easy. The fact is, there weren’t any,” the statement on Sanders’ site reads. “Bernie gave no speeches to Wall Street firms. He wasn’t paid anything while Secretary Clinton made millions, including $675,000 for three paid speeches to Goldman Sachs,” said Sanders’ spokesman Michael Briggs.

“So now we hope Secretary Clinton keeps her word and releases the transcripts of her speeches. We hope she agrees that the American people deserve to know what she told Wall Street behind closed doors,” Briggs added.

Clinton has been deemed to be the frontrunner, however, a new poll suggests that Sanders is surging ahead.

Sputnik reports:

A poll released Friday found that 72% of Democratic registered voters answering the survey now believe that Bernie Sanders could win the general election, a striking increase from the 21% who had faith in him when the survey was previously conducted in December 2015.

A new Quinnipiac University national poll released Thursday showed that Sanders would defeat any potential Republican challenger in a general election matchup, some even by double digits. Alternately, Clinton would either tie or lose to every GOP contender.

Sanders, once considered a longshot, is charging ahead in the polls. It’s a good thing that we have two viable candidates.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.