Birther Resigns From The Pentagon After CNN Outs Him As A Conspiracy Theorist


Donald Trump’s administration is full of all kinds whack-a-doodle conspiracy theorists. This is no surprise; after all, he rose to political prominence in the era of President Obama by promoting the racist lie that President Obama was a Muslim who was born in Kenya. Of course, this took hold with the worst people in the country, as it allowed them to vent their anger at the first black man to be elected president and spew racist hatred. These are the people who would become Trump’s base and help him ride a wave of hate all the way to the Oval Office.

Now, it is more dangerous than ever, as these people are inside the government under Donald Trump. Case in point — Todd Johnson, an official at the Department of Defense who came to power last year under Donald Trump. However, Johnson is now out of a job because Trump’s least favorite network, CNN, has unearthed Johnson’s past as an Obama birther. He posted a video online that promoted the birtherism, and also material that said that President Obama is actually the Anti-Christ. Along with that, predictably, Johnson liked and posted anti-Muslim filth as well, most recently in 2013.

This is a man who has been known to travel on official business with Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and also with Trump. Someone who was an actual Pentagon Advance Officer and had his hands in our most sensitive national security secrets is a complete crackpot and a bigot to boot. Nobody is surprised that Trump would hire such a person, but it is exceedingly dangerous to have such people anywhere near the levers of power, much less at the Pentagon.

This is just more proof — as if we needed it — that Donald Trump is woefully unfit to be president, and the longer he and his lunatics stay in power, the more danger the nation and the world are in. Too bad the GOP-controlled Congress so craven for power that they’ll let the world burn rather than say a word against Trump.

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Featured image via Deep State Nation Gallery