BOOM: Hacktivist Turns The Tables On Neo-Nazi Plan To Stalk Jews


In these modern, monochrome “White Is Right” days, bigots of all manner are feeling emboldened to slither out from their subterranean hiding holes and display their true colors.

Such is the case with the folks at the alt-right hate group who call themselves ‘The Right Stuff’, creators of an app that identifies Jews, and puts multiple sets of parentheses around their (((names))) to make them easily identified and targeted for group attacks online. Dubbed ‘TRS Coincidence Detector’, the app was available on Play Store until June 2nd, 2016. The app has since been removed for violating Google’s Terms and Conditions regarding hate speech. The parentheses are representative of the sound of an echo, and meant to call attention to the “echo” of Jewish names throughout history and their alleged negative impact on the world throughout time.

Bryan Menegus, staff writer at Gizmodo, describes the alt-right online phenomenon: “The alt right encompasses a nebulous swath of internet users—the hyper-libertarian free speech activist, the sh*tposting troll, the genuine bigot—where the levels of ideological crossover and discourse make it difficult to tell what’s intended as provocation and what’s legitimate hate speech.”

Such is the arena of human refuse into which Daniel Sieradski, the trolling hero, waded. Sieradski said he first heard about the anti-semitic app in an article published by Mic. He was inspired to give TRS a dose of their own medicine. In fact, he used their own code. Said Sieradski, “This Chrome extension derives from the original code of the (((Coincidence Detector))), the odious Chrome extension used by white supremacists to identify Jews … This version, instead, identifies white supremacists by placing swastikas around 卐卐卐their names卐卐卐. It has barely been changed from its original code.”

One must give credit where credit is due, after all.

Sieradski had a few moments to spare with FON today to talk about his app. He said the app’s popularity is picking up steam with several hundred downloads in just the first few weeks. (To download this bit of sheer genius, go here.) When asked “What part do you feel the Internet plays in the utilization of this sort of tech for teaching or encouraging hatred, even organizing hate into ‘activism’?, ” his response was refreshingly insightful: “Timothy Leary used to get asked, once you’ve “turned on, tuned in, and dropped out,” what comes next? His answer was, “Find the others.” I think that’s what the Internet provides: It enables subcultures to connect across geographic boundaries, whether those subcultures are racist or anti-racist. The net is great and terrible in that way.”

Sieradski also hinted at future plans in the works, but was coy about specifics: “I’m planning to use the data collected for a larger forthcoming project.”

What are the kids at ‘The Right Stuff’ up to since making national headlines? They’ve gone old-school, resorting to identifying Jews by the shape of their noses and cut of their beards.

If you wish to donate to Daniel Sieradski’s efforts, you can contact him on Twitter at @selfagency.

Featured image: Twitter.