Brainiac Trump Supporters Unleash Angry Tweets To LeVar Burton Instead Of LaVar Ball


Donald Trump’s misguided followers have joined his Twitter battle against LaVar Ball, but because all black people look alike to them, they’ve targeted the wrong guy: actor LeVar Burton.

Here’s one of many examples, this one from Mark Conte, along with Burton’s reaction:

The original Tweet is a screen grab because the post has mysteriously disappeared from the author’s feed.

Oh, and we assume Burton says “slight” instead of “sleight” so that Trump and his fellow fifth graders can follow.

In any case, see the resemblance between LeVar and LaVar for yourself:

Eerie. It doesn’t help that their first names differ in only one letter: LeVar, LaVar. “E” and “a.”

Although Trump himself hasn’t made this mistake himself, he’s made a similar one before:

Ivanka, Ivana. “K” and no “k.” “F*ck and “FUC.” Eerie.

Here’s one last Twitter boner to drive the point home:

Not to worry. Burton’s former “Star Trek: TNG” costar, Brent Spiner, has come up with the perfect solution.

For once, kewler heads prevail.

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Image via screen capture.