BREAKING: Mueller Files For New Hearing Against Trump Campaign Manager Over Witness Tampering


On Monday, in a surprise court filing issued by the legal team of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, prosecutor Andrew Weissmann requested an immediate hearing in the US District Court for Washington D.C. to examine a new development in the ongoing investigation into the conspiracy between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign to corrupt the electoral system.

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort is at the center of the new inquiry, with Mueller’s team demanding answers as to whether he violated the terms of his bail agreement — for which he put up more than $10 million in assets — when he and another unnamed associate contacted two other individuals that were also not identified in the filing “in an effort to secure materially false testimony.”

In English, that means that Mueller and his team caught Manafort and his team witness tampering. You know, like when a mobster sends somebody to, I don’t know, threaten an adult film star and her child if they won’t drop an accusation against a powerful person.

Not that THAT real-life situation is what’s being discussed here, but it’s a perfect example of how Donald Trump and everyone he’s associated with have the legal scruples of mafia hitmen.

Coupled with the relatively recent discovery by the wider public that, despite blaming the Department of Justice for not “telling him about Manafort,” Trump has actually been a client of Manafort’s for more than 30 years, the charge is not likely to remain so narrow in focus. If Mueller can prove that Manafort carried out his failed attempt at witness tampering at the request of Donald Trump, it will add yet another charge against the tin-pot dictator who currently thinks he’s above the law.

For the record, the fact that Mueller suddenly pursued this court action means it is extremely likely that whoever the witnesses were that Manafort and his accomplice contacted actually turned around and took it directly to the Special Counsel.

That’s pretty bad news for Paul Manafort, and could be even worse news for Donald Trump.

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Featured image via Deep State Nation Gallery