BREAKING: Trump Gets Screwed Again In Court, And This One’s Gotta Sting Pretty Badly


A New York City judge has just ruled against the Trump Organization in a case that was dearly important to Donnie and his awful offspring. Considering how horrendous the Trump administration has been so far since last January, I’m more than a little amazed that this hasn’t happened in a more widespread way.

Still, the number of times Donald Trump’s name has been pried off a building at this point has to be pretty alarming to the dotard and his family.

That’s exactly what Judge Eileen Bransten ruled today after the board of the condominium at 200 Riverside Boulevard in Manhattan — “Trump Place,” in legal documents — sued the Trump Organization for the right to remove the name, just like apartments, hotels, and buildings in major cities all around the world have done.

Legally, this ruling won’t change the name of the building, which is why the judge ruled in favor of the condo board, having found that the defense presented no credible evidence that the license agreement that allowed the condo to use the name in the first place also prevented them from ever removing it from the building.

According to the Washington Post, the Trump Organization isn’t going to make it easy on the residents: The chief lawyer in the case has indicated that they intend to appeal the ruling, despite the fact that it’s largely symbolic and has no financial consequences for Trump or his businesses — the Organization will still be managing the building for another 19 months until the contract is up.

That’s the M.O. of the Trump family, though — forcing people who don’t want to be associated with them to continue their relationship, purely because they don’t like to lose.

And they especially don’t like to lose in court. That’s why this case has to sting so much… The lawsuit was filed and granted a summary judgment on the same day.

What’s worse for Donnie is the fact that this ruling could help any future building group who are currently saddled with those awful gold two-foot-high letters, T-R-U-M-P.

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