Breitbart Reporter Gets A Very Rude Reception At Trump’s Alabama Rally


Just a couple of months ago Donald Trump and Steve Bannon were best friends. Bannon had a plum job and office in the West Wing. He was even said to be the most influential of Trump’s advisers.

And then John Kelly became Chief of Staff. Bannon was booted from the White House and sent packing, winding up back at the far right “news” site, Breitbart. It was a sudden fall from grace, and even though Bannon swore he would continue to support Trump and the administration, that vow didn’t last long.

Friday evening, the president held a campaign rally on behalf of GOP Senate candidate Luther Strange (R-AL). Trump is supporting the incumbent Strange in his race against former Alabama Supreme Court justice Roy Moore. Bannon and Breitbart support Moore. Awkward!

So when a reporter from Bannon’s Breitbart showed up and requested entry to the rally, she was told to turn around and go home:

Sounds like that détente between Trump and Bannon isn’t going too well.

Once the rally started, Trump was his usual unhinged self, ranting about everything under the sun. When the so-called president wasn’t patting himself on the back, he went off on tangents that ranged from the ridiculous to the outright demented. He even included more pot shots at North Korean leader Kim Jong-un:

“We can’t have madmen out there, shooting rockets all over the place. And by the way: Rocketman should have been handled a long time ago. This shouldn’t be handled now, but I’m going to handle it, because we have to handle it. Little Rocketman.”

Even though he continues to bring the conflict with North Korea to the edge of nuclear annihilation, Trump told the poorly educated masses at the rally they had nothing to worry about:

“Maybe something gets worked out and maybe it doesn’t, but I can tell you one thing: You are protected. Okay? You are protected. Nobody’s going to mess with our people.”

Oh, and Trump also managed to say a couple of words about Luther Strange, who is trailing Moore in the latest polls. Which makes you wonder: What good is a presidential endorsement if it doesn’t help the person you’ve endorsed?

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Featured Image Via Alternet