Brother & Sister Duo Steal Their Dad’s Van To Hit Up McDonald’s


Sometimes, a kid just needs a damn Happy Meal, okay?

I say that, and know deep down, I may regret that with my child, especially after reading this.

An eight-year-old boy decided to take matters into his own hand. With his father having fell asleep early and his mom asleep on the couch, he loaded his sister into the back of his father’s work van, and hit the road to hit up Mickey D’s.

Witnesses report that the kid was a great driver. Fox 2 Now reported:

“The child reportedly drove through four intersections and over railroad tracks during the joyride. Witnesses told police the boy obeyed ‘all traffic laws and drove the speed limit,’ according to the report.’

Sounds like the eight-year-old is a better driver than some grown-ass adults.

The boy explained to the cops he learned how to drive from watching YouTube videos. I’ve always believed you could learn how to do heart surgery from YouTube if you watched enough videos, so this could be proof.

Most importantly, no one was injured, and the kids got to eat their cheeseburgers before they were caught. A family friend saw the duo and notified their family.

Featured image via Getty Embed.