Bus Accident Takes Life Of Beloved Principal – She Died Saving Her Students

Susan Jordan. Screen grab from video.

What does “hero” mean? It is defined as:

“a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.”

Zaevion William Dobson, the 15 year old football player from Knoxville, TN, who threw his body in front of 3 female classmates to shield them from a spray of bullets and lost his life was a hero. The three American friends, Airman First Class Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Specialist Alek Skarlatos, who thwarted the Paris terrorist train attack in August of 2015, were heroes who risked their lives.

Susan Jordan was the Principal of Amy Beverland Elementary School for over two decades, CNN reports. She died this past Tuesday while saving the life of two of her students.

Ms. Jordan was helping load kids onto the buses after school let out for the day this past Tuesday. One of the buses suddenly lost control and jumped the curb, racing towards a sidewalk filled with kids. Ms. Jordan, in what can only be described as pure instinct, pushed a group of students out of the way. Sadly, she was not able to save herself and she succumbed to her injuries. Two of the students she pushed to safety, both age 10, were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The school was closed on Wednesday to allow for mourning and the school board released the following statement:

“Susan was an amazing educator. She had a remarkable way of making everyone she came in contact with feel valued and important. She had a passion for children that is unmatched. The entire Lawrence Township Community mourns her loss and extends our sympathy to the Amy Beverland Community the multitudes of people whose lives she touched.”

In May of 2015, her students created the following video to show their appreciation for her incredible dedication to the students, staff and community of her town. It is especially poignant and heartbreaking after this weeks events.

Those who dedicate their lives to working with children, nurturing their minds and souls and giving them encouragement and safety on a daily basis are truly heroes. As a parent myself, I feel such appreciation for this woman, a principal I never knew, but someone who epitomizes what we all dream our children’s educators to be.

Ms. Jordan, you are a hero. Every child that was lucky enough to know you will be forever changed.


Featured image is a screen grab from the tribute video.