‘Challenge Accepted’: Trump Dares People To ‘Impeach This’, The Internet Responds


Donald Trump appears to have taken a leaf from his propagandist daughter-in-law’s book after she tweeted out a deceptive map displaying an image splashed in red with the words, “Try to impeach this.” The former reality show star’s aides are reportedly advising the “president” that he faces the likelihood of being impeached so he seems a bit stressed out this morning. Donald tweeted the same map to dare people to “impeach this” while seemingly unaware that vast areas of empty land do not represent voters.

Challenge accepted!

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is also caught up in Trump’s latest scandal as it was revealed that he was personally in on the phone call with Ukraine’s leader even though he lied about that previously. Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani has been subpoenaed for documents related to Trump’s Ukraine scandal. Attorney General William Barr isn’t looking too good either. The walls are closing in on Trump and his Crime Syndicate which is why the “president” has suggested that he won’t leave office in a peaceful manner.

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Featured image via screen capture.