CNN Host Perfectly Calls Out Trump Supporters Over Being Played For Suckers


While on the campaign trail at every stop, Donald Trump promised his supporters that he would build a massive wall across the Southern border and Mexico would pay for it. Now, most of us were perplexed by this promise because why in the hell would Mexico pay for his ego-wall, but his supporters ate it up, thinking they could make the brown people pay for it. But, Trump has shut the government down while demanding $5.7 billion of taxpayer dollars to begin construction on his wall, which he now says will be steel slats. However, that’s not Trump’s idea as he’d have the public believe. They already exist, as CNN host Chris Cuomo pointed out.

Cuomo called Trump’s shifting language on his wall a “farce.”

“He’s adjusting his ruse to the reality,” Cuomo said, then displayed footage of the fencing that is already at the Southern border.

“They have been doing this since the last administration,” Cuomo said. “It’s not this president’s idea. It’s not his idea. It’s not his design. It’s not new. He’s hoping you’ll see it as that, but he’s playing you for a sucker.”


Cuomo called on Trump to end the government shut down, saying that “there is no national emergency except the one you’re making.”

There is no border crisis but there is a manufactured one which Donald Trump created. Border crossings have been declining for years. That’s a fact. It’s easy to Google the data but somehow Trump supporters just believe whatever comes out of the former reality show star’s mouth. He’s not a president. He’s more like a second-hand car salesman who is disgracing the White House. Finally, though, his lies are catching up to him. Some networks are skeptical of airing his address tonight over the fake border crisis because so many lies have been told.

White House Sarah Huckabee Sanders claimed this week that thousands of suspected terrorists are illegally crossing the Southern border. As a shock to no one ever, Sanders lied.

As for Trump supporters, the fever might be slowly breaking. Trump’s net approval rating dropped in nearly every state last month, with the biggest dips seen in Republican-majority states that were all in for Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

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Featured image: Darron Birgenheler via Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0.