CNN’s John King Mercilessly Trolls Trump For His ‘Third-Grade’ Spelling (VIDEO)


Earlier this morning, Donald Trump woke up and tweeted out a quote of something said by law professor Alan Dershowitz during an appearance on Trump TV (aka Fox “News):

Special Council? Really? Does this pretend president not even have spell check on his phone?

Initially, Trump also misspelled “whether,” but he corrected that one and reposted. Problem is, he didn’t manage to correct the spelling of special “council,” which is supposed to be counsel.

That led CNN host John King to note on “Inside Politics” that first and foremost, Trump has been repeatedly told by his attorneys not to attack Robert Mueller:

“The president attacks the special counsel and in the process fails a third-grade spelling test. Attacking Robert Mueller by name goes against the advice of the president’s lawyers. So when he does it, we learn about his anger at them as much as with the investigation.”

But King was just getting warmed up, then adding to his first burn with this perfect takedown of the Infant-in-Chief:

“There’s no staff around him when the president watches the morning cable shows and lashes out. And apparently no spell check or grammar police.”

The final insult King had for Donnie Dollhands was by far the best, and it’s safe to bet that it made Trump furious:

“I assume he knows better. He says he went to the best schools. I assume he can spell. I assume he knows basic grammar, but that is rage. He’s sitting there in what they jokingly call executive time in the morning watching cable television, nobody around. [Does] the president of the United States need supervision?”

No, he needs to be impeached. And the sooner, the better!

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Featured image via screen capture