Commander-In-Chief-Of-Staff? Gen. Kelly Wants To Stifle His Twitter, And Trump Is PISSED


Donald Trump only has one method for communicating his unfiltered, hyper-crazy lies and self-congratulatory love of flattering stories about himself: Twitter. Forget his kids, forget Melania — Trump’s one and only love at this point in his presidency is his precious tweets. He guards them like a best friend, even calling those who would silence them his “enemies”:

But can he really call his new Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, his enemy?

He may soon, if the report out of the Washington Examiner on Tuesday is correct. After Trump’s attempted unilateral ban on transgender service “in any capacity” in the US military, none were more upset than Kelly — a Marine General himself — who reportedly wanted to clamp down on Trump’s Twitter account. That was on Friday. By Tuesday, the Examiner was already reporting on Trump’s anger at the move.

Kelly acknowledged that he can’t stop Trump from tweeting altogether. But a series of moves have been aimed at lessening the impact of Trump’s instant-news platform. Apparently, all news intended for the president is now required to go through Kelly first. That means even printed out reports cannot be handed directly to Trump. No calls, no meetings, nothing.

The source inside the Examiner said that Friday’s news — that Kelly wanted a handle on Trump’s tweeting — finally made its way to Trump over the weekend, and he “was pissed when he read Kelly wanted to control his Twitter feed.”

We’ll see how much success John Kelly will have in mitigating the damage Trump does daily to his own reputation and our national security via Twitter. Or perhaps we’ll see another early exit for another member of the Trump administration.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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