Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Sued By Man He Falsely Accused Of Being The Parkland Gunman

Alex Jones
Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones spins the crazy on child labor camps on Mars. Screencap courtesy The Alex Jones Channel/YouTube

The ultimate irony! Alex Jones, king of crazy conspiracy theories, founder of InfoWars, and spreader of bullshit news is being sued, not once, but TWICE this year, so far.

Both suits are for defamation- which is ironic when you consider that Jones would say that his information is the truth!

Riiiiiiight- cause that isn’t bullshit at all.

The first suit involves the Charlottesville protest last year where Brennan Gilmore was counter-protesting and where he came to Jones’ attention. Jones, InfoWars, and others are mentioned in his defamation of character suit.

The second suit this year involves Marcel Fontaine. Fontaine was, according to the Daily Beast, falsely accused of being the Parkland shooter by InfoWars all because he was wearing a t-shirt with communist leaders on it that was on social media.

That’s a stretch even for you, Jones.

He’s now suing Jones and Infowars for “over $1 million.” The suit says:

Mr. Fontaine was not involved with the Douglas High School tragedy. Mr. Fontaine resides in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and has never traveled to Florida. He is an ordinary young man with no connection to these events. The articles were manifestly false and have caused him enormous injury and continuing personal harassment.

The article in question was posted February 14th, the day of the shooting, and was called “Reported Florida shooter Dressed as Communist, Supported ISIS.” There was even a picture of Fontaine to go with it.

Jones did not respond to the Daily Beast for Comment- no surprise there. He probably considers them “Fake news!”

We all know Jones is nuts – that isn’t a new concept. But it was only a matter of time before he crossed a line and negatively impacted someone else’s life with his lies.

I kind of doubt this will teach him not to spread conspiracy theories about real people, but considering his history, I’m not holding my breath.

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Image via screen capture.