‘Coupon Ken’ Fired For Calling Cops On Woman For Couponing While Black (VIDEO)


Adding to the long list of recent incidents in which a white person has called the police on a black person for no fucking reason at all, a Dollar Store manager is learning that that can get you unemployed fast AF. Earlier this month, a white store manager, who was also a Trump delegate, called the police on a black woman because she had the audacity to try to use a legit coupon in CVS. This time, we have Coupon Ken (nicknames have been attributed to these nervous white people who have been swept up in the news for treating black people like shit), who called the police on Madonna Wilburn of Buffalo, New York for couponing while black. Ms. Wilburn, a teacher, tried to use digital coupons through her Dollar Store app, but the store manager, Ken Dudek, wasn’t having any of it and proceeded to coupon-shame her.

“I don’t have to do it if I don’t want to,” the manager tells Wilburn in reference to her coupons.

“You’ve already gotten $15 off of these products, and you’re trying to play games with the digital coupons and it’s not going to work,” he said.

Ms. Wilburn videotaped the incident, then uploaded it on Facebook where it quickly went viral.


When Dudek realized that he was being filmed, he said, “Well you don’t have my permission to record me. You can’t record me,” he then called someone named Felicia. “I have a customer who is being difficult and taping us without permission,” he’s heard saying into the phone. “And I’d like you to dispatch the police if possible. Black female, green shirt, blue shirt.”

New York, though, has a one-party consent law, meaning that what she did was perfectly legal.

Wilburn said that Coupon Ken also told her to “shut up” before she started filming the incident.

“It’s embarrassing, people are looking at you as if you’re scheming like you’re some type of thief or something,” she said.

When the police arrived, they advised Wilburn to contact Dollar General’s headquarters.

According to The Buffalo News, Ms. Wilburn later posted a screenshot of what appeared to be a private Facebook message from Dudek, demanding that she take down the video or he would contact his attorney. You know, probably because he looked like a racist prick in the video.

Dollar General fired Dudek and encouraged customers to use coupons. OBVIOUSLY, stores wouldn’t issue them if they didn’t want people to use them, hello?

“Based upon our investigation, we believe that certain aspects of this matter, including the involvement of law enforcement, were not handled in accordance with our policies and expectations,” the mega-chain store said in a statement. “For this reason, we have made the decision to sever our employment relationship with the employee involved.”

Don’t be a Coupon Ken, a fragile white man who is so insecure that he will call the police if he sees a black person doing an every day thing, something which white people do all the time without consequence.

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Image via screen capture.