Dana Loesch: I Didn’t Say That Violent Thing About Journalists Everyone Can Hear Me Say In This Video


Following the deaths of five people who were gunned down in a newsroom and several others who were “gravely injured” on Thursday at the Capital Gazette building in Annapolis, Maryland, in which people had to hide under their desks for safety as a man armed with a long gun opened fire, Donald Trump and his supporters’ violent rhetoric should be reviewed. Like, for example, conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, who just a day before the shooting, said that he “can’t wait for the vigilante squads to start gunning journalists down on sight.” And then there’s National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch who seems to think that journalists deserve to be “curb-stomped” for some reason.

Shaun King, an activist and writer, shared a 2016 video clip of Loesch on NRA-TV lashing out at journalists and for some reason, Dana claims that the clip is taken out of context, even though it’s not.

“1. Let’s be clear here. The NRA’s @DLoesch has absolutely called for journalists to be beaten to death,” King tweeted with the clip. “She denies it, but the record is clear. It’s just that she’s so flippant with such violent threats that she has perhaps lost touch with what she has said.”


“I’m happy frankly to see them curb-stomped,” Loesch says in the clip. “I mean let’s be real about it.”

“These people are just the worst thing that could ever possibly happen to the American political system right now with the way that they cover so many things,” she continues. “Nobody gets a fair shake on policy, no one gets a fair shake where it concerns immigration. They conflate illegal and legal immigration.”

“They conflate a number of things – particularly the coverage on gun control. I have so many things that I hate about mainstream media, there is no way we are going to fit it in the allotted time today,” she added. “They are the rat bastards of the earth. They are the boil on the backside of American politics.”

You can watch the entire video clip here to see that her words are not taken out of context. Dana is trying to defend herself on Twitter by attacking Shaun King while denying that she said what we can all hear her say in the video clip. The NRA is gaslighting America again. This isn’t the first time she’s used violent rhetoric to promote the NRA’s agenda.

And then there was that time that Greg Gianforte (R) actually bodyslammed a reporter while on the campaign trail, then was elected to Congress, but conservatives have been calling for Democrats to be more ‘civil.’

The shooter had a problem with the newspaper because of some article that mentioned him. Still, Republicans need to tone it down. Journalists should not have to worry about being hunted down. The fact that for hours most of us wondered if the shooter was a Trump supporter who bought into that ‘fake news’ bullshit, speaks volumes of the divisiveness with this administration*.

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Image via screen capture.