Data Doesn’t Lie – Trump Sucks Worse Than Post-Katrina Bush


Remember when people hated George W. Bush and he was arguably considered one of the worst presidents in modern history? Well, that ship has sailed. You can now find Bush golfing, taking selfies, and responding to natural disasters with the likes of the beloved Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

Crazy, right? It seems like just yesterday that “Dubya” was dropping the ball big time as the world watched Katrina survivors beg for help and endure horrific conditions. It appeared that those impacted by Katrina were allowed to reach the depths of despair under the approving eyes of the Bush administration. It appeared that Bush didn’t care.

George W. Bush’s political career hasn’t recovered from his terrible response to Hurricane Katrina. Fortunately, Bush seems to have done some work to redeem himself. His close relationship with Michelle Obama and most recently, his partnership with the other living former presidents, seem to show a George W. Bush who has learned from his mistakes.

Despite the fact that many who have come before him have messed up in ways that he should have learned from, Donald Trump doesn’t seem interested in learning or turning his failure of a time in office around. Nope, Trump is content standing his ground as the bottom-feeding lowlife he is.

Because he is happy being hated, it probably won’t matter to him that there are once again numbers that support the assertion that people don’t like Donald TrumpAs a result of his response to Puerto Rico post-Hurricane Maria, a whopping 55 percent of those polled say they feel Donald Trump simply doesn’t care. That number is compared to 54 percent of people having disapproved of Bush, post-Katrina.

Obviously, Trump and his supporters will say that one percent isn’t a big deal, but isn’t a loss by one point, still a loss?

Still confused as to why Trump’s Puerto Rico response has made him more despised than George W. Bush once was? Watch the Jimmy Kimmel commentary that adds some needed humor to the awful actions of Donald Trump where Puerto Rico is concerned.

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