Dem Lawmaker Just Gave Trump A HUGE F*ck You Over McCabe Firing, Beats Him At His Own Game


After Donald Trump gleefully instructed his Attorney General to sack his former nemesis at the FBI, Andrew McCabe, there was a flurry of responses from both the right and the left, from inside the Intelligence Community, and even from the association that represents current and retired FBI agents.

Most of the blowback from Trump’s cruel move of making sure that McCabe was stripped of his title before his term was up, thereby likely depriving him of the pension he’s worked more than two decades in the nation’s top law enforcement agency to earn, was outrage at the fact that Trump was so clearly happy about it.

The tweet that Trump sent out after the firing erased any doubt as to how happy it made him:

But outside Trump’s circle of bullies, America saw it for what it was — revenge. The decision to fire McCabe early came only after it became clear that the former deputy director of the FBI could and planned to corroborate James Comey’s testimony about his contact with Donald Trump leading up to his own firing, including testimony about the extensive notes Comey kept.

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell sent out a tweet, however, that could be a game-changer for McCabe’s future:

It didn’t take long for someone to pick up on it.

Democratic Representative Mark Pocan of Wisconsin took Mitchell’s suggestion and ran with it, tweeting:

Trump will absolutely lose his MIND if he sees that McCabe is allowed to collect his pension because that was literally the only way for him to get back at the former agent.

I for one would love to watch that show.

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Featured image via Wikimedia Commons