Denny’s New Mascot is the Most Craptastic Thing Ever (TWEETS)

Image from Twitter

OMG Denny’s. Really? You hired an ad firm and they designed this for you. Then you had a board meeting and decided THIS was how you wanted to present your restaurants? Are you trying to wipe (yeah, I know, but I couldn’t help myself) yourselves right out of business? Well, shit…

No, really, that’s exactly what the new mascot looks like. Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. It’s like the ad guy was watching South Park and the idea just excreted itself from his brain. Or maybe he was doing some heavy thinking in the reading room?

Whatever it means to “Snap the Slams” is beyond my comprehension.

The jokes just write themselves. Take a stroll on Twitter and see for yourself.

In fairness to Denny’s, the pooptastic little guy seems to have a few friends. They don’t seem really overjoyed to be there either.

This pancake guy looks horrified that he has stand next to the little turd dude. He’s trying to call his friends to rescue him, but no one is home.

And this little lady is also showing some signs of distress. Geez, Denny’s — even the other mascots have misgivings about their co-mascot. What were you thinking?

With the backlash we’ve already see on Twitter and Facebook, I don’t expect Denny’s to keep this little trio of slam buddies for long. I see an ad firm being fired. Got any great ideas for Denny’s to replace these mascots with something a little less joke-inducing and maybe a bit more appetizing?

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Featured image from Twitter.