Deplorable Donations: Trump Takes Money From White Nationalists


Reality show star-turned-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has accepted campaign donations from infamous white nationalists Michael Polignano of Counter-Currents Publishing and Peter Brimelow of Vdare. Both are ‘scientific racists’ who argue that nonwhites are inherently inferior human beings.

According to Eric Hananoki at Media Matters, neo-Nazi Polignano has donated $214.12, with $4,80 being shunted to a joint fundraising committee set up between the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee.

Polignano wrote in his 2010 book Taking Our Own Side that “high testosterone production also means that Black men are more prone to aggressive behavior” and “Compared to Whites, Blacks also have lower IQs and levels of empathy, weaker senses of personal efficacy and responsibility, greater propensities to sociopathy and psychosis, fewer behavioral inhibitions, greater impulsiveness, higher sexual activity and lower parental investment, etc.”

In 2003, Polignano first proposed creating “a White People’s Party,” which “would have a single goal: to protect and advance the interests of Whites in today’s multicultural, anti-White America. … The White People’s Party would not accept the membership or support of Jews and non-Whites. We would not work for their interests, and we could not expect them to sincerely work for ours.”

In September, the Trump campaign accepted a $250 donation from white separatist William Daniel Johnson, who was also accepted as a Trump convention delegate. The donation was later returned and Johnson resigned as a delegate.

It will be interesting to see whether that history repeats itself in this case.

Peter Brimelow is a British immigrant and former National Review writer who opposes nonwhite immigration into the United States. As the Southern Poverty Law Center recounts in a page on his career, Brimelow named his organization for Virginia Dare, the first white colonist born in the United States. He has a long history of featuring racist ‘intellectuals,’ turning more towards anti-Semitism in recent years.

Brimelow’s site also carries archives of columns from men like Sam Francis, the late editor of the newspaper of the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens, a group whose web page has described blacks as “a retrograde species of humanity.” It has run articles by Jared Taylor, the editor of the white supremacist American Renaissance magazine, which specializes in dubious race and IQ studies and eugenics, the “science” of human “race betterment” through selective breeding.

More recently, has even begun to publish the writings of Kevin MacDonald, an anti-Semitic psychology professor at California State University, Long Beach. MacDonald accuses Jews of “dominating” the “movement to change the ethnic balance of the United States by allowing mass, non-traditional [i.e., non-white] immigration.”

These are men happy to wear the ‘racist’ label as a proud source of identity rather than an epithet. Their donations to the Trump campaign underline the sad reality that a diverse range of hate groups and bigots — a “basket of deplorables” — really do find Donald Trump an appealing candidate. It’s not prejudicial to say so.

Featured image via Media Matters