Despite Boy Scouts Apology, White House Sees Nothing To Be Sorry For: ‘They Cheered Him On’


After Donald Trump’s abhorrent behavior at the Boy Scouts’ National Jamboree on Monday, he was widely condemned for holding what amounted to a campaign rally during what has always been a non-partisan event. Combined with his event in Ohio the following day, many see Trump’s speeches lately as heralding the fascism that the public gets occasional peeks at: Threatening to sue the press, motioning toward curtailing the first amendment, hyper-nationalism coupled with religious paeans and racist dog whistles.

But for the less inclined to analyze, his Scout speech just seemed like a total dick move.

In fact, current and former Scouts, parents, and even some lawmakers called on Trump to apologize. Many offered to return their badges, and some indicated they might pull their kids from the organization if he didn’t. But demands and entreaties like that assume that Donald Trump is capable of apologizing. We have seen no evidence of that so far in his presidency.

That left it up to the Boy Scouts themselves to apologize, which sucks. It really wasn’t their fault that Trump decided to upend 80 years of tradition. He basically held a bunch of kids hostage while he patted himself on the back. The Scouts certainly didn’t ask the president to come trash-talk Obama and Clinton. They definitely didn’t request any stories about yachts or banking bigwigs. But Michael Surbaugh, head of the Scouts, apologized nonetheless:

Then the press got one more crack at asking if Trump himself would apologize. At a press briefing Thursday morning, a reporter informed Sarah Huckabee Sanders about the Scouting chief’s apology. Would the president now apologize? Not so much:

I was at that event and I saw nothing but roughly 40 to 45,000 Boy Scouts cheering the president on throughout his remarks. I think they were pretty excited that he was there and happy to hear him speak to them.

Gee, Sarah. You think? You think a bunch of kids taught to respect their elders and their country might cheer for the president?

Watch the clip here:

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