‘Did Barr Write His Tweet?’: Twitter Lights Up Over Giuliani’s Unfinished Tweet On Adam Schiff


Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani tried to form a tweet about Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, who is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and the latest whipping post for Republicans following the Mueller report being handed over to the president’s* Attorney General. Trump is of the notion that the Special Counsel’s report exonerates him even though he hasn’t even read the report, and the summary by his AG states explicitly that it does not exonerate him from Obstruction of Justice. The Mueller report reportedly contains more than 300 pages and the public has only seen 4 half sentences.

The former mayor of NYC took to Twitter to blast Schiff but it appears that he might have been hitting the bottle too hard so he just stopped in mid-sentence.

“If Dems continue to protect Adam Schiff he will be the poster boy for their party,” he tweeted, adding, “He.”

Twitter users happily finished his sentence for him.

Republicans, including Donald Trump, called for Schiff to step down on Thursday, but instead, he spanked them hard.

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Featured image via screen capture.