Don Jr. Posts Bizarre Picture Of Him And Ted Cruz With A Distorted Image Of Obama On A Cake


We have no idea why Donald Trump Jr. would do this but he posted a photo of himself with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Instagram Sunday with a cake which he said was an “Obama cake’ which showed a distorted version of the former president’s face.

“With friends like these… some good friends decided that while my birthday is not for 2 weeks that they would get me an early 40th birthday cake,” he wrote. “And what birthday is complete without an Obama cake?”

We suppose Trump’s son is trying to be funny but he failed. The creepy look on Junior’s face while holding a cake supposedly in the image of his father’s predecessor is kind of weird, y’all. Donald Trump has the worst approval rating in this history of polling so we understand the jealousy the Trumps must feel. Donald has some big shoes to fill and he’ll never get there.

It’s really sad that at Junior’s age he never grew up. And with all the money in the world, Donald Trump Jr. hasn’t taken out the time to fix his teeth. They had to order this cake in advance so this was a pre-planned stunt. That’s totally not weird at all.

And why is Junior standing next to the Zodiac Killer?

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Image via Instagram.