Don Jr. Whines That Conspiracy Theory About Clinton Isn’t Trending On Twitter Anymore


Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was found unresponsive in his Manhattan jail cell on Saturday of an apparent suicide, thus opening the door to conspiracy theories. Epstein was tied to some very powerful men so each political side is trying to blame the other. The thing is that Democrats want whoever is complicit to go down, but conservatives seem to want to protect their ‘president’ while pouncing on former President Bill Clinton. So, of course, the Twitter hashtag #ClintonBodyCount immediately ensued without evidence.

The fact is, two presidents, one former, one a sitting president, have ties to the sex-trafficker. Conspiracy theorist Donald Trump took to Twitter to retweet conspiracy theories blaming Clinton for Epstein’s death. But, once you open that can of worms, there are consequences, such as the hashtag: #TrumpBodyCount. That didn’t sit well with Trump’s son, Don. Jr.

“Twitter allowing “Trump Body Count” to trend while “Clinton Body Count” has WAY more tweets (but isn’t trending) is peak Twitter,” Trump’s dumbass son tweeted.

The backlash on Twitter was swift because we can play this game, too.

In 2002, Trump told New York magazine that Epstein was a “terrific guy” and “is a lot of fun to be with.”

“It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side,” Trump told the magazine.

We’re sure it’s a total coinkydink that Epstein was supposed to be checked by guards every 30 minutes, but that procedure was not being followed the night he was found dead in the Manhattan jail, according to the New York Times.

If Hillary is that powerful then why isn’t she the president right now? Here’s how this goes: If Bill Clinton got sleazy with underage girls, then fuck him. If Alan Dershowitz was creeping up on girls who were sex-trafficked, then fuck that motherfucker. If Trump got off on putting his Cheeto in a teenage girl, then fuck that bitch ass president, too. All I know is that a metric fuckton of powerful men were about to be exposed, then Epstein suicided himself and IDGAF which party those who are complicit belong to; they need to go down. Also, fuck you, Don, Jr, you absolute walnut.

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