Donald Trump At The Summit With World Leaders: ‘Fake News CNN. The Worst’ (VIDEO)


Before bringing up his ‘haters’ while visiting Canada for the G-7 summit before his planned meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, the current occupant of the White House blasted the media, because of course he did. Donald Trump, while meeting with world leaders at the summit, said that he invented the term ‘fake news’ as if that’s something to be proud of. He did not invent that term, by the way. It began during World War I then it was resurfaced by the Nazis in Germany.

A reporter asked Trump about tensions at the summit between him and other world leaders. Trump asked him what network he was with so the reporter told him he was with CNN. Trump, of course, responded by saying, “I figured. Fake News CNN. The worst.”


Trump told reporters that most in the media are very unfair, then he blasted a reporter who was there to do his job. You can’t launch a war on the free press and then expect a pass after telling over 3,000 lies in just a year and a half. Of course, Trump’s supporters love it when he attacks networks that don’t always report favorable coverage of the alleged president. Trump’s supporters are as thin-skinned as he is and yet, they’re the ones against political correctness. To that, I say, fuck your feelings, because if that amateur can’t handle questions from the press like all of his predecessors did, then he’s not fit for the job.

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Image via screen capture.