Donald Trump: If Female Protesters Interrupted Me I Would Beat Them Up


Following two Black Lives Matter activists interrupting Bernie Sanders at a rally in Seattle over the weekend, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called him weak for not fighting the women.















“I would never give up my microphone,” Trump said, according to ATTN. “I thought that was disgusting. That showed such weakness, the way he was taken away by two young women.”

Well that’s false. Bernie was not carted off by the two women. Sanders has been a civil rights advocate since he was in his early twenties.

Sanders allowed them to speak for 20 minutes uninterrupted.

If a protester interrupts Trump, the the hotel magnate said, “That will never happen with me.”

We suggest the BLM protesters interrupt Trump since he has a history of inflammatory remarks.

“I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will. But that was a disgrace,” Trump said. “I felt badly for [Sanders], but it showed that he’s weak,” he added.

Steve Marmel writes:

Doesn’t know if HE’D fight them or send some of his goons but either way…

…The GOP Frontrunner, ladies and gentlemen. 

Trump’s remarks went down well on Twitter.

















I think it’s unfortunate because, among other things, I wanted to talk about the issues of black lives,” Sanders said to reporters after the incident. “The fact that the American people are tired of seeing unarmed African Americans shot and killed.”

Trump’s remarks on protesters come after he claims he’ll get the minority vote (Lol) and women’s vote (Lol) are at around the 11.15 mark.

If the protesters would just allow Bernie Sanders to speak it might have helped their cause instead of interrupting an ally.

Donald Trump thinks Bernie Sanders is weak because he wouldn’t beat up on two black women. But Trump would clobber them until they have blood coming out of their whatevers.

What a manly man.

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H/T: Steve Marmel.