Donald Trump Just Proved He’s A Soulless Liar In Latest Tweet (SCREENSHOTS)


As most of us wake to start the day with a kiss on the cheek from a loved one, a mean cup of joe, or perhaps an apathetic gaze at the ceiling as we contemplate the upside-down world we now all live. In any case, Donald Trump’s day began like most soon-to-be-sworn-in President’s begin: with an obnoxious, lying and soulless tweet.

Here was Orange Hitler an hour ago on the issue of Obamacare being repealed:

Well, at least he’s not screaming at actresses or Alec Baldwin this early anymore, so that’s a slight improvement.

But in one single tweet with his tiny orange hands, Trump essentially lied about his earlier pledge to ensure that many of the popular ACA provisions stayed in place. Of course, after yesterday’s most prickish decision on the part of Republicans to vote to repeal all of the ACA (that’s also Obamacare, deplorables), including children staying on their parent’s plan up to 26 and allowing coverage for pre-existing conditions, Trump is going against his word.

Here was Trump following that most awkward and uncomfortable meeting with President Obama in November:

“I told him I will look at his suggestions, and out of respect, I will do that,” Trump told The Journal.

Respect and Trump go together like President and Trump; he’s a disingenuous, narcissistic, sociopathic con man who has no desire in pursuing anything that doesn’t seek to maximize the profits for himself and his freakish family.

Twitter was none too happy and let Drumpf have it:


The fact remains that our nation is on the verge of total collapse if this sick and disgusting monster and his industry stooges are allowed to continue their march towards America becoming a full-blown banana republic. And not the place where you can get a t-shirt of 30 bucks either.

Featured image via Twitter.