Donald Trump Just Suggested A ‘Civil War’ Will Take Place If He’s Impeached


Public sentiment on impeaching our lawless “president” had begun to swing around and, apparently, that has Donald Trump worried as he has only his cult members left to back him up. Earlier, Trump warned of “big consequences” for the whistleblower who was brave enough to step forward after hearing of the alarming phone call between the former reality show star and Ukraine’s president in which it appeared that Trump was trying his hand at extortion in order to smear his rival, Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

After the calls of impeachment have peaked, y’alls crazy-ass “president” suggested that a civil war was in our future, by using a quote by Pastor Robert Jeffress. But first, Trump brought up Hillary Clinton’s emails once again in order to deflect from his own scandals.

And here comes the threat:

To be clear, Trump is warning of a Civil War if Congress tries to hold him accountable. Trump is threatening violence if he is removed from office. Think about that for a minute. Also, it’s cute that he thinks liberals don’t own guns.

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Featured image via DSN’s gallery.