EPA’s Scott Pruitt Gets ‘Unprecedented’ Number Of Death Threats That There’s Absolutely No Record Of


On Saturday, the Dotard in Chief tweeted about Scott Pruitt, his hand-picked administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, after weeks of public discussion of just how corrupt and, frankly, weird and paranoid Pruitt has turned out to be.

It’s a common thing in the Trump administration to be accused of grift, with some Cabinet members insisting on private jet travel to personal events, while others are content to simply order dining sets that cost more than double a year’s pay at the federal minimum wage.

But Pruitt is next-level kind of corrupt, and his paranoia is no small part of what fuels it. Trump’s tweet followed a report on Fox News, of course, because that’s what Trump does. But it has to have deepened Pruitt’s conviction that people are out to get him, if his boss is tweeting about it like it’s a fact as well:

Now, if that were, in fact, the case, then the $9,000 that EPA spent last year on a “bug sweep” and custom biometric locks for Pruitt’s office might be justified. In fact, if Pruitt really was getting death threats and this wasn’t simply another cruel and disgusting expense to American taxpayers at the hands of a megalomaniac, it might even justify the round-the-clock security detail Pruitt maintains and the 30 armed guards he took with his family on vacation recently.

But Buzzfeed‘s Jason Leopold has something to say about death threats:

The Fox report that had an EPA spokesperson claiming that Pruitt “has faced an unprecedented amount [sic] of death threats against him and his family” was published at 6:33 AM on Saturday — less than 12 hours later, Jason Leopold had his answer.

There were none.

It’s hard enough dealing with a paranoid leader like Trump, but to extend that paranoia into an agency as far from likely to suffer death threats as the freaking EPA suggests that a narrative is being spun in order to carry out a destructive environmental agenda — one that will be easier to sell to the public if they believe Pruitt is being persecuted, harassed, or threatened over his version of the truth.

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Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr