Even Rush Limbaugh Is Getting ‘Nervous’ Over Trump’s Obsession With NFL Protests


Wait a minute! Hold everything! Could there be trouble in paradise? Could visible cracks be starting to form in the coalition between extreme right-wingers and their new orange savior, Donald J. Trump?

Rush Limbaugh is now saying that Trump’s harping on making players stand for the national anthem may be a bridge too far.

Wednesday morning, Trump tweeted out this:

Trump’s tweet was apparently in response to a memo from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s memo to the league’s 32 teams stating that players “should stand” for the national anthem. But the NFL later clarified Goodell’s memorandum in light of Trump’s tweet:

“Commentary this morning about the Commissioner’s position on the anthem is not accurate.

“The NFL is doing the hard work of trying to move from protest to progress, working to bring people together.”

And on his show Wednesday, Limbaugh also took Trump to task, telling his listeners:

“There’s a part of this story that’s starting to make me nervous, and it’s this: I am very uncomfortable with the president of the United States being able to dictate the behavior and power of anybody. That’s not where this should be coming from.”

What did he say? He disagrees with the Cheeto Hitler?

Limbaugh added:

“Trump is continually tweeting — I know what he’s doing, and I understand why he’s doing it, and his motives are pure; don’t misunderstand. But I don’t think that it is useful or helpful for any employee anywhere to be forced to do something because the government says they must.”

Essentially, Limbaugh made the same case that has already been made by liberals, progressives, and civil rights groups across the country:

“We don’t want the president being able to demand anybody that he’s unhappy with behave in a way he requires.”

When we get to the point that a president can demand such a thing, we will have entered the realm of fascism and totalitarianism.

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