Everyone Falls In Love With Joshua Trump As He Falls Asleep During The State Of The Union


Joshua Trump, a sixth grader in Wilmington, Delaware, has been bullied at school over his last name, but it’s not his fault that he has the misfortune of sharing his name with the most divisive president* in history. I feel Joshua’s pain, after all, with a name like mine, I, too, was bullied in school, but for Joshua, it has to be far worse.

Melania, who heads her ‘Be Best’ campaign against bullying without ONE BIT OF IRONY, had Joshua attend the State of the Union address on Tuesday as her guest while her husband, the biggest cyberbully in the U.S. gave his speech in front of Congress with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holding his nuts in her purse while she threw shade at the president*.

But, the 11-year-old fell asleep during Mr. Trump’s speech in which he called for unity just after blasting Sen. Chuck Schumer on Twitter. And of course, this was after Trump recently referred to a Democratic congressman as Rep. Adam “Schitt.” Kids really aren’t into political speeches so it’s understandable that he took a nap. But at the same time, it is funny.

Joshua was all of us last night.

We’re pleased that Joshua could attend the SOTU so that his classmates can STFU and leave him alone now. But, Melanie Trump’s quest to highlight bullying because of Joshua’s last name is hypocritical AF. After all, her husband has given nicknames to Crooked Hillary, Lyin’ Ted Cruz, Crying Chuck Schumer, Little Marco, Pocohantas, and so many others.

We wish Joshua Trump the very best in life. And if he’s teased at school for falling asleep, he should just tell them he was ‘resting his eyes.’ That’s what my husband calls naps. “I wasn’t sleeping. I was resting my eyes.”

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