Exclusive: Anonymous #OpParis Confirms 5,000 ISIL Accounts Already Down


In the wake of the tragic terrorist attack on Paris, social justice hacktivists Anonymous launched Operation Paris with the mission of tracking down members of ISIL after the terrorist group took responsibility for the heinous attack.






















The following is the full transcript of the English dialogue:

Hello citizens of the world. We are anonymous. The aftermath of Friday, November 13, 2015. France is shocked by the events caused by terrorism in the capital. We first wish to express our sorrow and our solidarity with the victims, the injured, and their families. To defend our values and our freedom, we’re tracking down members of the terrorist group responsible these attacks, we will not give up, we will not forgive, and we’ll do all that is necessary to end their actions.

During the attacks of Charlie Hebdo, we had already expressed our determination to neutralize anyone who would attack our freedom.

We’ll be doing the same now, because of the recent attacks.We therefore ask you to gather and to defend these ideals.

Expect a total mobilization on our part. This violence should not weaken us. It has to give us the strength to come together and fight tyranny and obscurantism together.

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.

Expect us.

Early this morning I had a nearly two hour conversation with the Operation Paris Founder – X who answered my questions in a personal fashion which allowed me insight into speaking to someone that has a personal stake in the attacks of November 13. Of note, he alerted me that he does not have any involvement in the Red Cult wing of Anonymous and could not provide any information on their issues with Facebook. When I asked X as to what his goals were for #OpParis, he responded:

I am Italian. Italy is very close to France, we are like brothers, we take great care in this operation because of the brotherhood that binds us. OpParis is a joint operation with all nations that want to flush out ISIS, we want to identify their members and close their profiles, their websites, make them less visible, we do not want violence and cruelty.

“Yes, I have the friends in Paris. I am very close to France, in every sense,” h stated after I followed with an inquiry into his Parisian ties. X was willing to go into great detail about his feelings when he first looked at gruesome pictures of the aftermath:

I felt very bad, I saw pictures of the carnage, photos that are not seen in the papers those that were difficult to find, it was a massacre, it is inconceivable that all those innocent people – massacred over religious imagery. I could not tell if many were dead or alive.

As he touched on religion, I wanted to get insight into how he felt about the rampant Islamophobia that has been seen on social media the past several days. X wanted no part of attacking the faith of Islam saying, “I do not attack Muslims – only the terrorists, they are the cancer, not Islam in general. All religions are united against terrorism.”

After his response, he politely excused himself for several minutes. Upon his return he informed me of what drew his attention away from the interview:

I was following the Italian news for the latest, my wife began to cry after they spoke of parents without children – children without parents, my question to the world is: how do we live like this? How can we close our eyes? Anonymous acts because we are human.

My wife said, “I cannot watch.” I’m here to risk my freedom for her, for good people, for a better world.

I asked if his wife knew of his involvement with Anonymous and that he was leading Operation Paris:

No. I can’t tell her, “Hey, I am Anonymous.”

X immediately began to speak about his concerns over Italian security, “Italy has enacted policies that are not the right decisions, the state takes the dangers too lightly.”

He continued:

I love my country, it is the government that is wrong. However,  finding those responsible for the massacres in Paris can also help in avoiding bloodshed in London, Rome and all other cities, it is our duty (Anonymous) to contribute to the fight against terrorism.

We want to delete the word terrorism, we want to stop these massacres, they will be punished; those who kill innocent peoples for the sake of it. Whoever they are, but always without violence by anonymous.

I asked if he felt the international intelligence community would take information gathered during Operation Paris seriously. He responded, “If we find information about any physical targets by ISIS, we will anonymously notify the authorities of the countries concerned without a second thought.” A practice that could save countless lives around the world if the warnings are properly acted upon by the global community.

With such an ambitious goal I inquired as to how many Anonymous operatives were working on Operation Paris. The following is the transcript of the related conversation that was on the record:

Smooth: How many Anonymous operatives do you have working on Operation Paris?

X: Hundreds :). With many citizens supporting our efforts, and we have closed 5,000 accounts.

Smooth: Already?

X: Yes.

The closed accounts were being used to spread ISIL propaganda through various Social Media outlets, making quick on their promise to silence those within the terrorist organization. Anonymous and Operation Paris are waging a war of information against ISIL and their supporters. If they are able to silence the terrorists while tracking their activity, their efforts will be a great asset against the global threat.

Before the interview came to a conclusion X had one last message for those reading this article:

Anonymous is not a game, here we risk our liberty to help entire populations, do not be afraid of us.

His message resonated with me; Anonymous is battling a great evil. Those that are willing to murder innocent civilians over fundamentalist beliefs are dangerous, while refusing to characterize every Muslim as a terrorist. After speaking with X – being informed of the scope of the operation shows us that the humanity within us must be brought to the forefront even in times of disaster.

X is determined to make a difference, Operation Paris is a massive task which goals are to keep another life to be lost by fundamentalists that are hijacking the Islamic faith. Their membership is vast and willing to do whatever it takes to silence ISIL and out their members. To those Anonymous members that may read this article, I respect your cause and your fight against the barbarous cult that wishes to fill our lives with fear.

They should have Expected You.

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