Anonymous Responds To TYT, Can Track ISIL On PSN


Several days after speaking to X for the first time, we once again spoke to discuss Operation Paris, the overwhelming support for the cause and any perceived challenges they may face going forward. X was very open about recent events and even had some words concerning the rhetoric surrounding Syrian refugees and Islam in general.









It was not as an emotional conversation as our first interview, but I was able to understand just how confident X is with the operation even when faced with direct challenges from ISIL.

I first asked him if he wanted to confirm that Daesh (ISIL) was indeed in the midst of hitting Operation Paris with a DDoS attack. Which in its simplicity is an attack which would crash servers, forcing the operation to come to a temporary halt. X responded in a manner which showed his determination:

Yes, yes. It is a MASSIVE DDoS. Right now we are getting heavy DDOS attacks but this does not stop Anonymous, the irc channel #OpParis is still accessible thanks to webirc chat AnonOps, the IRC network that has supported our operations for years around the world – with heart, and with passion. We are under attack because ISIS is seriously damaged by us, they are afraid of us – of Anonymous and are losing their communications, the World is stronger. We do not forgive, we are a great legion.

I immediately followed by asking if the attacks had slowed down Operation Paris at all, “No. Slowed users’ reports, but not our attacks,” his direct answer made me wonder if the ISIL DDoS attack had accomplished anything of note. I directly asked if he felt the ISIL attack was pointless as it seemed to not have him worried at all and his response was as expected.

We are not afraid of them, NEVER.

The full transcript of the next part of our conversation is included due to the importance of the specifics:

Smooth: Are you close to pinpointing some of their locations? Do you believe that is what caused them to react so quickly?

X: We have identified positions and also IP addresses, I think this has made a lot of them angry.

Smooth: Are some of these IP addresses within Daesh controlled territory in Iraq and Syria?

X: I cannot confirm that now; we are investigating, our mission is to get reliable data even if we experience some delay. It is always best to double-check the sources. We will issue news on Twitter once we are able to confirm.

It was immediately clear why Daesh launched their desperate DDoS counterstrike against Operation Paris, they were not expecting this much damage to be done to their line of communication. At this point, I wanted X to respond to the massive amount of public support Anonymous has received since launching this mission. The following transcript shows the beginning portion of that conversation:

Smooth: There has been quite a bit of conversation in the days since our first interview. Every message I have seen has given Operation Paris and Anonymous their full support. Several hope you are able to drain their bank accounts; how does hearing this overwhelming support make you feel about your mission?

X: We are embarrassed by all this praise, we are happy to help, we are simple people. It’s nice to know so many people believe in us, it makes us understand that the world wants to seriously change.

I also mentioned the following tweet from renown comedian Margaret Cho, who recently released the empowering “(I Want To) Kill My Rapist” on itunes.

; Then I asked X to watch the following impassioned speech from The Young Turks co-founder, and host of the most watched internet news show of the same name; Cenk Uygur.  



After watching, he did want to make one correction about the featured video which ran from 30 second mark until the 47 second mark stating, “The declaration of Anonymous in that video is made by #OpParis. FR not by #OpParis; this must be specified, it’s a direct message by French people to ISIS.”

He then continued, echoing the same sentiments as Cenk:

 Governments are not doing their job with the highest priority; they become racist against their own citizens. They need to wake up and find a practical solution rather than theoretical. We are very pleased that the public supports our cause, everyone understands that they must seriously do their best to contribute in the fight against terrorism, our digital weapons allow us to cut their communications, it is very important. They must first think of the population rather than to themselves.

With the further rise of Islamophobia since the Paris attacks, I decided it would be appropriate to directly follow up his statement:

Smooth: Is that a direct response to some of the rhetoric coming from Republican Presidential candidates; when you speak on theoretical responses such as Donald Trump suggesting the United States should close down Mosques?

X: This is racism; mosques are not the problem, but the terrorists who use them for their comforts. The terrorists practice murder as religion. Moving the conversation back towards Operation Paris, I asked if any of the ISIL accounts they have taken over led to them reporting anything to a government agency, “We are constantly looking for valuable information that can save any lives in danger, for the moment we have no specific information to be reported to the authorities.” I followed by asking how many accounts they have currently closed, “6,000,” was his direct response. Finally, I wanted to speak to X about the rumored difficulties they may have in tracking ISIL communication through the Playstation Network.

Smooth: Do you have any comments about the rumored difficulty of cracking some of ISIL’s communications with them supposedly using the Playstation Network to cover their tracks?

X: I think someone is already on the trail of possible bugs in communications via Playstation. This technology had been ignored because it’s not commonly used, social meida and apps have taken the place of the Playstation chat system. I think things will change, given the situation.

Smooth: So you are confident that the Playstation Network will not be a safe haven for them? X: The information coming into our possession are only ever used for the common good, if ISIS uses Playstation; then we must do everything possible to intercept them, even if it means learning new technologies or considering any security flaws. 🙂

Each has the opportunity to come to their own conclusion with that statement, yet it does not seem to much a large task for Operation Paris to overcome. Finally I asked if X had any final statements he would like to make. The world will never fall at the feet of ISIS. We will never cancel our mission, they do not scare us, we are a legion. X  

This is an account impersonating OpParis: 

He and I also spoke off the record, and it is clear that he is dedicated to making sure ISIL online communications are eliminated. There’s definitely a great deal of working going into this operation, and is one that will remain for as long as Daesh remains a threat.

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