Family Apologizes For Bullying, Calling A Black Girl A ‘Ni**er’ But Says They Are ‘Not Racist’

Deron Puro, the father of the bullies

A Minnesota father of two children who bullied a 14-year-old African American girl, while using racial slurs, is totally sorry now that he’s been fired from his job, after he used the same language. But, he insists — wait for it — that his family is “not racist.”

Deron Puro, the father of the bullies
Deron Puro, the father kids who bullied the girl

Brad Knudson recently posted a video on YouTube calling out the kids who were harassing his adopted daughter, who is black.

In the video, Knudson shows a few Snapchat messages showing the kids calling his daughter a ni**er.

MyFox8 reports:

Knudson also plays an apparent voicemail message from the father of the children accused of bullying.

The father of the alleged bullies also uses racial language, calling the father a “(expletive) lover.” The bullied girl is African-American and the bullies are accused of calling her racial slurs.

Knudson’s video has since gone viral, with more than 4 million views in less than a week.

The family accused of bullying has since issued a statement offering their “deepest apologies.” The family said they are not racist.

The father of the alleged bullies, Deron Puro, has been fired from his job, according to KMSP. He was an independent contractor at a financial firm.

I’m not sure why MyFox8 is calling them “alleged bullies” even after the father of the victim posted this amazing takedown on YouTube:

Knudson explained that he posted the video to raise awareness of bullying.

He said he is concerned about bullying and children who have committed suicide because of it.

Carla Akins reports in the comments at Liberaland, “ said it tried to reach Puro, but his Facebook page has been removed and his number appears to be disconnected. Prior Lake schools are investigating the situation and reportedly said the twins may be punished. Thousands in the community in the meantime are offering support to the Knudson family.”

Puso is reportedly “back in rehab.” He admitted to casually using racial slurs in his home and I don’t think there’s a rehab for that. There are three victims here: Mr. Knudson’s daughter and Mr, Puso’s children, the latter of which have been raised by a racist.

Mr. Puso’s daughter must be really proud of her father. Way to go, Dad.

Karma, you gotta lover her.

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Image: Fox 9.