Fayette County, GA GOP Chair: Media Wears The Color Purple For ‘Mind Control’


The Republican Party chairman for Fayette County, an exurb south of Atlanta, wrote in a blog post that media figures are wearing the color purple as “subliminal messaging” to control viewers’ minds.

In a blog post on the organization’s website, Tyrone K. Jones Sr. denounces “left-wing ideology and the progressives who are hellbent on destroying America,” listing their crimes against “the masses” before high-diving into the shallow end of the conspiracy pool.

“Observe closely as you watch the pundits in the media,” Jones declares. “They have a silent signal that they send out to one another. They wear purple.”

The men wear purple neck ties and the women have increased their purchases of purple garments. It’s called “subliminal messaging”. The media in America has succumb to this progressive ideology and is poisoning our society by making listeners believe they are “truth-tellers”. When in fact they are bought and paid for by a faceless group of Global Elites. The media’s job is to help lead this country down the path of spiritual, moral and social decadence and destruction by feeding us a daily regime of lies and deceitful rhetoric. The concept is known simply as “mind-control”.

Wow, talk about your ‘virtue signalling’! We have SO MANY QUESTIONS. Maybe ‘purple states’ are really the super-liberal places, not just evenly-split between Democratic blue and Republican red?

Strangely, purple is the official color of the far-right UK Independence Party (Ukip), which propelled Great Britain into its current Brexit disaster before losing all their seats in Parliament. Does Nigel Farage know that he is secretly part of the super-liberal media conspiracy?

Purple was also the identifying color and name of a left-right coalition government in the Netherlands during the 1990s. Who knew that the Dutch were such a bunch of super-liberal media elitists?

Of course, “The Color Purple” is also a 1985 movie directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Whoopi Goldberg, two well-known liberal media giants. Does Jones think that a film about the historical oppression of black women has become a sinister, subversive program for super-liberal mind-control of “the masses?” Does that extend to the Pulitzer prizewinning story by Alice Walker on which the film is based?

Mr. Jones appears to be the only African American among the sixteen members of Fayette County’s GOP leadership. It would be very improper to suggest that a lily-white Republican organization decided their kookiest member should front the entire group to deflect charges of racism, however, so we won’t do that here.

Instead, we will echo Atlanta Journal-Constitution blogger Jim Galloway. “I’m positive that the last Bilderberg memo had established Rustic Burnt Orange, recommended by Sister-Sage Martha Stewart, as the most efficient hue for turning brain into tapioca pudding,” he complains.

That is our new nickname for Mr. Tyrone K. Jones Sr: pudding-brain. He has earned it.

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Featured image via Fayette County Republican Party