Feeble Donnie Needs Two Hands To Drink Water YET AGAIN! (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is not only unqualified to be president, it’s also starting to appear that his health is failing badly with each passing day.

Remember the speech he gave back in November when he suddenly needed a sip of water and had to use two hands to lift the bottle to his mouth? Here’s a quick recap of that:

On Monday, Trump was making a speech on American national security policy and again reached for a glass of water. And yes, he did indeed have to use both hands yet again:

A couple of minutes later, Trump was again reaching for the glass of water, but he finally managed to just use one hand:

Here’s a couple of questions that are prompted by the repeat performance of this behavior:

  • Who needs this much water when speaking?
  • Why in the hell does a 71-year-old man have to drink water like he’s a child drinking from a damn sippy cup?

Plenty of others on Twitter were wondering about Trump’s behavior, too:

Has anyone at the White House thought about a really long straw for Donnie? Or is he afraid that would make him look the way he does when he’s with Putin in private?

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Featured Image Via Screen capture.